LED industry is becoming more mature large-scale

During this year's NPC and CPPCC sessions, Premier Li Keqiang's report on the work of the government appeared in many hot words and new words. The term "artisan spirit" is full of traditional colors and has a long history and is refreshing and has sparked new demands on the members and the public Hot discussion. Recalling the report, the prime minister said: Encourage enterprises to carry out personalized customization, flexible production, cultivate the spirit of excellence craftsmen, by variety, quality and brand. "Craftsmanship" connotation In the past, when we mentioned "artisan spirit", we could not help thinking of Germany. Many German enterprises in Germany have long-term production of certain products. Their workers, many generations do a type of work, and their technology is passed down from generation to generation. They like Constantly cut their own products, and constantly improve their own technology, to enjoy the product in the process of sublimation. Therefore, Germany's products are recognized by the world as excellent quality, "Made in Germany" still after 100 years still radiate a strong vitality, all of which are all thanks to their centuries of product dedication and sense of innovation. As a result, "artisan spirit" simply refers to the craftsmen on their own products and services crafted, a spirit of excellence. Study its spiritual content can be roughly divided into four areas: First of all, is the concept of excellence. Focus on the details, the pursuit of perfection and the ultimate, at the expense of time and energy, tireless, repeated improvement of products, the 99% to 99.99%. Second, it is a rigorous and meticulous method. Not opportunistic, we must ensure that the quality of each part of the product to take stringent testing standards, not up to delivery will never be easy. Again, is the patience, focus, adhere to the faith. Continuous improvement of products and services, because the real craftsmen in the field of expertise will never stop the pursuit of progress, whether it is the use of materials, design or production processes, are constantly improving. Finally, it is a professional and dedicated attitude. The goal of artisanal spirit is to create the highest quality products in the industry and superior products unmatched by others. In fact, such a "craftsman spirit" had already appeared in the ancient Western Zhou Dynasty in China. At that time, the "Hundred Work System" was established in the Western Zhou Dynasty. The ancient "Made in China" was well-known and exported overseas. In today's China, "craftsmanship" can be commendable, because it means more commitment and commitment, more patience and focus. The Practical Significance of "Artisan Spirit"

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